History of School

  • Canyon Hills has come a long way since being built in 1972. The school was originally designed to hold about 400 students. With the addition of C building, the enrollment capacity increased to 900. We currently have about 520 students. In the beginning, the school was built as a middle school, but that changed when the trend towards junior high schools came into being. Canyon Hills saw some lasting changes in the way of a snack bar and great science lab rooms when 9th grade was brought over. But when the trend changed, as they so often do, 9th grade was moved back to the high schools and Canyon Hills was changed back to a middle school which is how the school is considered today.

    Students enrolling that first year were given the opportunity to choose the mascot and school colors. They chose the cobra for their mascot and maroon and gold as the colors.

    Some traditions have lasted such as the band, Spanish class, yearbooks, and NJHS. Classes such as softball and gymnastics in PE and speech classes have gone. We currently offer keyboarding, Algebra I, high school PE, and Spanish I and II for high school credit.


  • Principal
    Bertha Martinez


    Principal's Secretary
    Irma Hernandez (915) 236-6463

    Assistant Principals
    Ms. Belinda Perez, 6th Grade and 8th Grade (A-L): (915) 236-6482

    Ms. Caley Bloom-Morales, 7th Grade and 8th Grade (M-Z): (915) 236-6459

    Title IX Campus Coordinator
    Ms. Bertha Martinez (915) 236-6463


Contact Us

  • Main Line:  (915) 236-6450
    Fax Number:  (915)  757-8067
    Student Records:   (915) 236-6455


    Attendance Clerk (Ernestina Martinez)  (915) 236-6453

    PEIMS Clerk (Laura Worrell)   (915)  236-6457

    Registration:  (Mary Duncan)   (915) 236-6455



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  • Canyon Hills Middle School

  • School Info

    Address:  8930 Eclipse Street

    El Paso, TX., 79904

    Grades:  6th - 8th

    Mascot:  Cobras

    School Colors:  Maroon, Gold, and White