• Hello Jaguars,

    Welcome to Nolan Richardson Middle School! We are pleased to have you as a student in our school and part of our school’s community/family. You will find that our administrators, teachers, and staff are here to assist and provide you with the best middle school experience possible. Our main goals are: (1) to ensure our students are provided with a safe and positive learning environment and (2) to ensure all students are successful in their classes and on the state exams. With your help, these goals can be accomplished by being responsible, respectful, and safe. Our school staff has a strong belief that parents and community members are a vital part of our school’s success. We, therefore, work closely with our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to maximize opportunities for excellence. Joint activities will be held throughout the school year. Parents/guardians are invited to become active members of our PTA. Again, we are glad you are a student in our school this year. Have a successful school year; make good memories that will last forever.


    Ragen Chappell
    Nolan Richardson Middle School



Ragen Chappell