Meet Our Interim Superintendent


    Dear EPISD Family,

    The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees on Thursday entrusted me with the position of interim superintendent of schools, a role I humbly accepted and am honored to take. For the last 27 years I have made it my mission to serve the students and staff of EPISD in many different roles – from a classroom teacher and principal to deputy superintendent. I have embraced every day as an opportunity to help this community.

    As we head into the next chapter of our history together, I am committed to leading the District through this transition with the guiding principles of transparency and excellence. EPISD must continue to make the wellbeing and success of students and employees a priority, and I want to invite you to join me in taking on this challenge.

    The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our schools and families remain a constant threat to the efficacy of our roles as educators. Without a doubt, the health concerns of our city will make this transition even more challenging. But I have every confidence that EPISD is on solid ground and that we will emerge from this stronger and even more committed to serving the children of El Paso.

    I know many of you and you know me. We have worked alongside each other every day. I know just how much love and care you have for our students, our schools and the neighborhoods you serve. That is what makes EPISD the keystone of education in El Paso and the center of innovation and progress.

    Let’s continue to work together to educate, empower and facilitate greatness for our students, our employees and the entire community of El Paso.



    Vince Sheffield
    Interim Superintendent

Vince Sheffield
  • Vince Sheffield
    Interim Superintendent

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