EPISD School Boundaries Map

  • As you move your mouse over the schools it will show you the name of that school. You may also choose a school from the index bar which is closest to you or simply choose a school with the zip code from your mailing address. Once you click on a particular school it will show it's location, the boundary around that school, and the high school in that area. To assist in determining where your child needs to attend school, click on a school around your area, a window will pop up with an option to get directions to that school. Click on the 'Get Directions' option in the window, a window will open up, type in your address, city, state in here, click on the 'From' button, this will display the directions to the school and also provide you with a line drawing on the map. If the line directs you outside of your boundary, you will need to select another school.