• Supply List for Lamar Students 




    6 Plastic folders with two pockets

    1 Dry-erase marker

    1 Box of Kleenex

    1 Bottle of glue

    1 Ream of white paper

    1 Package of construction paper

    1 Backpack large enough to hold folder (no rolling backpacks)

    Choose only one of the following:

    1 Box of sandwich-size zip-lock bags OR

    1 Box of gallon-size zip-lock bags OR

    1 Bottle of hand sanitizer

    And only one of the following:

    1 Roll of paper towels

    1 Package of baby-wipes




    2 Red pens

    3 Packages of pencils

    2 Large erasers

    1 Package of eraser tops for pencils

    4 Boxes of crayons (24 or more/box)

    2 Scissors

    2 Pencil sharpeners (as needed)

    1 Bottle of Elmer’s White Glue (no glue sticks)

    4 Plastic folders with prongs and pockets

    6 Composition notebooks

    5 Dry-erase markers

    5 Boxes of tissues (Kleenex)

    1 Box of zip-lock gallon size bags

    1 Box of zip-lock sandwich size bags

    1 School box

    1 Ream (500 pages) of copy/printer paper

    2 Bottles (12 oz.) of hand sanitizer

    2 Containers of Clorox wipes

    *1 Headphones (audiofonos) that cover the ears (sanitary reasons)

    1 Primary journal (grades K-2)


    1st Grade

    1 Backpack

    1 School box

    2 Red pens

    4 Boxes of crayons (24 count)

    36 Sharpened #2 yellow pencils (no character/designs)

    4 Bottles of Elmer’s Glue

    1 Big bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 Pair of rounded tip scissors

    1 Box of zip-lock bags (boys bring gallon size, girls bring quart size)

    2 Boxes of tissues

    1 Package of wide-ruled paper

    1 Ream (500 pages) of copy/printer paper

    1 Box of pencil top erasers (40-48 count)

    1 Container of Clorox wipes

    1 Pencil sharpener

    8 Composition books (black & white /100 pages)

    4 Plastic folders with prongs, any color – no designs

    2 Large pink erasers


    2nd Grade

    For ALL Second Grade Classrooms:

    1 Ream of wide-ruled paper

    2 Reams of copy/printer paper

    2 Boxes of colored pencils (24 count)

    1 Small pencil sharpener with lid

    3 Large erasers

    1 Metal scissors

    1 Ruler with centimeters and inches

    2 Bottles of Elmer’s Glue (EXCEPT NOT FOR 2C)

    1 Package of Elmer’s Glue Sticks (EXCEPT NOT FOR 2D)

    3 Packages of #2 pencils

    2 Bottles of hand sanitizer

    4 Boxes of facial tissues (ONLY 2 BOXES FOR 2E)

    1 Box of zip-lock bags quart size

    3 Yellow highlighter markers

    4 Red pens (8 for 2E)

    ###    NO SCHOOL BOXES  ####



    For 2A only:

    3 Five-subject notebooks

    3 Pocket folders

    4 Composition books (100 pages)

    2 One subject notebooks

    1 Large zipper bag


    For 2B only:

    5 Three-subject notebooks spiral with no perforations

    6 Two-pocket folders with prongs

    4 Composition books (100 pages)

    2 Pairs of headphones/ear buds


    For 2C only:

    5 Two-pocket folders

    4 Composition books (100 pages)

    3 Three-subject notebooks (no perforations)

    1 Large zipper bag – no school boxes

    1 Set of headphones/ear buds

    *No bottled glue, glue sticks only


    For 2D only:

    2 Mead Three-subject spiral notebooks

    6 One hundred page composition books

    5 Three-prong pocket folders

    1 One inch 3-ring binder

    1 Large pencil bag

    1 Set of earphones/ear buds

    *No glue sticks, only bottled glue


    3rd Grade

    10 Black Marble wide-ruled composition books

    1 Two-inch binder with pockets

    4 Folders with prongs

    1 Boxes of color pencils

    1 Metal scissor (Fiskars)

    2 Bottles Elmer’s glue

    4 Boxes of Crayola markers

    2 Large pencil sharpeners with cover

    6 Yellow highlighters

    1 School box

    2 Boxes of 24 #2 pencils

    2 Large gum erasers/brown cubed erasers

    1 Package of red pens

    2 Large bottles of Clorox wipes

    1 Lysol disinfectant spray

    *The composition books will be used as follows: 2 (math), 2 (science), 2 (spelling) and 2 (grammar).

    4th Grade – Label all supplies with your child’s name

    5 Three-subject notebooks

    7 Composition notebooks

    2 Boxes of crayons

    1 Metal scissors

    2 Bottles of Elmer’s glue – NO GLUE STICKS

    1 Small bottle of hand sanitizer with pump

    4 Boxes of facial tissues

    1 Pair scissors – rounded tips

    1 Large pencil sharpener with cover

    6 Yellow highlighters (ONLY YELLOW)

    1 Ream of college rule lined paper

    1 Plastic school box

    48 #2 pencils -no mechanical pencils

    2 Large eraser

    4 red pens

    3 Large bottles of Clorox wipes

    1 Dictionary, to keep at home for homework

    1 Box of colored pencils

    1 Two-inch binder

    1 Box of gallon-sized plastic bags

    1 Ruler with inches and centimeters


    5th Grade

    3 Two-inch binders

    2 Three-subject notebooks

    1 Spiral notebook

    Several boxes of #2 pencils

    1 Box crayons

    1 Covered sharpener

    4 Packages of ruled paper

    4 Glue sticks or 2 bottles of glue

    1 Scissors

    4 Yellow highlighters


    4 Boxes of facial tissues

    3 Containers of Clorox wipes

    2 Packages of 8 tab dividers

    1Twelve-inch ruler


    Please keep in mind that some of the supplies will have to be restocked as the school year progresses.  Please help us by ensuring that your child has the needed supplies throughout the school year to be successful.