• Basic Eligibility

    All students interested in attending the Center for Career and Technology Education must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to attend.

    Students must be on cohort to graduate with their peers.

    All students should participate in the district preregistration process on their prospective home campuses. After the students have completed the registration process, the home campus counselor will confirm the student's College and Career Readiness Plan and the courses / program requested at CCTE. Home campus counselors will identify and convey the CCTE program requirements to the students and parents so that any necessary pre-requisite requirements may be completed.


    CCTE conducts various recruiting activities in the Fall and Spring semesters. Every Fall, all eligible EPISD sophomores are invited to tour the campus. Program and course information is sent to the home campus CTE and Dual Credit counselors to promote these opportunities. In the Spring, CCTE hosts an open house (aka: CCTE Palooza) to highlight what CCTE has to offer.