• Phone Numbers

    Clerks and administrative staff are available Monday through Friday, 8AM-4PM.

    Barbara Brinkley-Lopez, Principal: 915-236-5019

    Katherine Mullane-Elrick, Assistant Principal: 915-236-5009

    Linnea Wiggs, Counselor (Last Names A-Li): 915-236-5003

    Vivian Maguire, Counselor (Last Names Lo-Z): 915-236-5004

    Sal Ramirez, College Readiness Coordinator: 915-236-5011

    Silvia Eddy, Principal's Secretary: 915-236-5002

    Susie Jensen, Attendance and Bookroom Clerk: 915-236-5000

    Marina Fong, Registrar: 915-236-5008

    Eva Balderas, Nurse: 915-236-5005

    Jennifer Quinn, Testing Coordinator: 915-236-5007

    Teacher email addresses can be found in the list below.