• Google Phone Numbers

    Due to the ongoing pandemic and need to work from home, our clerks and administrative staff may be reached using the Google phone numbers listed below. Clerks and administrative staff are available Monday through Friday, 8AM-4PM.

    Barbara Brinkley-Lopez, Principal: 915-373-9014

    Katherine Mullane-Elrick, Assistant Principal: 915-412-6207

    Linnea Wiggs, Counselor (Last Names A-Li): 915-236-5003

    Vivian Maguire, Counselor (Last Names Lo-Z): 915-236-5004

    Sal Ramirez, College Readiness Coordinator: 915-412-6172

    Silvia Eddy, Principal's Secretary: 915-257-5023

    Susie Jensen, Attendance and Bookroom Clerk: 915-302-2171

    Marina Fong, Registrar: 915-308-3485

    Eva Balderas, Nurse: 915-269-2162

    Jennifer Quinn, Testing Coordinator: 915-236-5007

    Teacher email addresses can be found in the list below.