• Tutoring

    All core curriculum subjects have tutoring Monday through Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:00pm.    Note:  Some teachers who have an after school responsibility such as being a coach for sports, cheerleading etc. will have tutoring in the morning, please have your child check with their teacher on their specific tutoring hours. 

    After School Pass:  Students staying for any after school activity will be given an "After School Pass" by their teachers or their club sponsor which allows the student to be on campus after school hours.  This pass becomes property of the student for the rest of the year, if they loose the pass they must pay $2.00 for another pass.  

    Transportation:  Students staying for tutoring etc..and who live more than 2 miles from the school will be provided a a one day only tutoring bus card from their teacher or their club sponsor.  The Tutoring bus will picked them up from the front of the school promptly at 4:30 pm and drop them off wherever they are picked up from in the morning. 

    After School Supper Snacks:  Supper snacks are prepared by the cafeteria and served by the office staff Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 3:15 on a first come first served basis.  The Supper Snack consists of  4 components; an entree (meat & grain), vegetable (in the form of veggie dippers), fruit and milk.  The Supper Snacks are provided to the students who may be staying for an afterschool activity but any student ages three (3) to eighteen (18) that's on our campus may pick up a snack, we just need their name and ID number on a roster form.