Counselor offices will be closed every Wednesday afternoon, or on Tuesday afternoon if there is no school for the students on Wednesday.

  • Main Campus Counselors

    Debra Priego, (A-CRO) Counseling Center Main Campus                          
    Laura Schuler, (CRP-GAL) Counseling Center Main Campus  
    Vanessa Rendon, (GAM - C. Martinez)  Counseling Center Main Campus  
    Marc Hunter, (D. Martinez- ROD)  Counseling Center Main Campus  
    Melissa Arriola, (ROE-Z) Counseling Center Main Campus  
    Academic / Project Counselors:
    Loretta Palacios     E187 Main Campus  
    Maria Pizana   E187 Main Campus  
    New Tech / STEAM Counselors:
    Courtney Martinez, A-Li    Attendance Office Magnet Campus  
    Katherine Angel, Lj-Z   Attendance Office Magnet Campus  
    Graduation Coach                              
    Cara Coster     Across from Attendance Office Main Campus                              Attendance Office Magnet Campus
    College Readiness Teacher (GO Center)
    Lisa Schoenbrun          
    Drop by before/after school (we're open 8:00-4:30)
    Drop by during lunch  
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