Lincoln MS-Campus Improvement Plan (CIT) Minutes

    2/07/18 3:00 PM


    CIT Committee brings focus and coherence to reform activities and help ensure unity of purpose, alignment, and clear accountability.   For all CIT recommendations principal has the decisive vote.



    Master Schedule


    Committee approves

    Math everyday all grade levels

    Keep 5 x 5 schedule and Warrior Workshop




    Drastic budget cut-committee approves to pay for one less person.

    Even though we are paying for one less person Lincoln will NOT be losing any personnel


    Computer Free Day


    Consensus:   Up to individual teacher to incorporate proper technology use and encourage no tech day.

    Establishing a computer misuse policy is on CIT agenda 



    After School Pictures


    Will make every effort to move to after school to not interfere with daily classes (clubs included for yearbook)



    Stellar Scholars


    Math and English will continue Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 – 4:15

    Social Studies and Science will move to Saturday (1 to 2 sessions)



    Warrior Workshop


    Create, Repeat, and Practice lessons to build a culture for students to exhibit proper behavior and respect for all adults

    Possibility to extend duration with same students to create a relationship

    Switching to Homeroom will create a schedule conflict

    Teachers encouraged to use Skype to confirm if student are going to their designation



    Pot Luck


    Scheduling a staff pot luck for social peer outlet



    Teacher of the Month


    Counselors have organized a way to allow students to share their appreciation and voice teacher qualities they like       



    Detention on Thurs/ Buses


    Detention should remain on Fridays and parents will need to make arrangements for pick up.

    Buses are provided for tutoring students not students serving detention



    Meeting Called by:  Haidi Appel                               

    Facilitator:  Haidi Appel



    Haidi Appel/ Principal                                                 

    Blanca Delgado/Parent                       

    Tifni Cadena/Teacher                                                 

    Kate Floyd/Parent

    Leslie L Ritchey/Teacher                                           

    Claudia Touche/Teacher

    Lynne Thompson/Parent                                          

    Elvira Rolph/Teacher

    Jennifer Ramirez/ Parent                                         

    Lulu Cloud/Para

    Amy Boatright/Staff Development                       

    Juan Pinon/ Teacher

    CIT MEETING 12/6/17==========================================================================
    Amanda Torres, Karen Reid, Leslie Ritchey, Steve Kurtzrock, Joy Davis, Tifini Cadena, Amy Boatright, Mrs. Ramirez, Haidi Appel, Angela Word
    Called to order 3:10
    1) Clarification for WW- Issue brought up that certain teachers are not allowing students to leave TuesdayWednesday, and Thursdays to attend tutoring with other teachers even if the planner is stamped.
    Appel Clarification: Core Courses take priority.  Attempt to work out a schedule with co-teacher.  If still not resolved, please notify Mrs. Appel
    2) Half-day on 20th.  We will see all classes.  There is also a Holiday Concert that will run roughly about 1 hour.
    3) A new protocol for getting a schedule change. 
    --> Request a form from office, parents sign
    --> There has to be a conference with Parent, Teacher and/or Administrator
    -->Schedule cannot be changed without a conference
    Ideas: Roll Science Fair Project into I.B. Community Project.  Kudos to the Science Fair Committee, event was well organized and a great experience for students.
    Cadena: Brainstorming a STEM Fair for 8th Grade students at the end of the year
    Principal Notes:
    Detention: MUST give parents 24-hour notice, preferably by making contact by phone call.  Detention is not for academic purposes, only behavioral (which includes insubordination)
    Thanks for all who helped with Pizza with the Principal.
    The Algebra Exam is Wednesday, Dec. 13th
    Laptop inventory is Tuesday, Dec. 12th.  Will take place during ELA classes.  
    Meeting adjourned: 3:39