• Dear EPISD Family, 

    EPISD has partnered with the CK12.org Foundation to help your child avoid the dreaded "summer slide." The "summer slide" happens when students forget some of the academic skills that they learned over the course of the previous school year.  

    There are things that you can do as a parent or guardian to not only prevent summer learning loss, but also to give your child a head start on next year's learning.  One of those things is BrainFlex!  

    Brainflex is a product of the CK­12.org Foundation which provides high­ quality, online education materials for students and teachers. It’s easy to use, it’s free and your child can use it anytime, anywhere.  

    We encourage your child to do one simple thing this summer: practice every day.  

    There are 1440 minutes in a day. All a student needs to do is practice 20 minutes a day. (That’s less than 2% of a day. We learned that on BrainFlex!)   
    There's time for sleeping in, time for hanging out with friends, and time for keeping your brain in shape. 

    Here’s all you need to do to enroll your child in BrainFlex:  

    1. Visit www.ck12.org/summer and click 'I accept the challenge'.  
    1. Choose math and science topics for your child to focus on this summer  
    1. Designate yourself as your child’s “coach” ­ you will receive updates on your child’s progress, as well as notifications if your child misses a day of practice.  


    BrainFlex is simple and free and works on any device, including smartphones!  

    Brain Flex Summer