• Cielo Vista Elementary Anti-Bullying Plan

    Goal: It is the goal of Cielo Vista Elementary to have a safe, bully-free environment

    Bullying can be:

    • Making rude gestures
    • Calling names
    • Being rude or impolite
    • Spreading stories and rumors  
    • Teasing
    • Keeping someone out of the group
    • Hurting someone physically
    • Any form of discrimination based on disability, gender, race, or religion.
    • Using any form of technology to verbally hurt someone (Cyberbullying)

    Some forms of bullying involve criminal behavior like carrying weapons, vandalizing property, stealing, taking lunch/lunch money etc.

    Teachers' Role in Preventing Bullying

    Research shows that children have to have thousands of ethical conversations before they can make ethical choices, so teachers must use every opportunity in the classroom to discuss ethics.

    The following are specific things that teachers can do to help prevent bullying:

    • Make it clear to students that bullying will not be tolerated in the classroom, in the hallways, on the playground, or anywhere in school  
    • Ensure students that if anyone has a problem with bullying that he/she can talk to you about it in person or by writing you a note about what happened.
    • Have consistent conversations with the students about bullying and the implications that it has on people
    • IMMEDIATELY take action when you see bullying, name calling, or harassment happen in your presence
    • Coaches will address bullying and tie into good sportsmanship
    • Help students identify themselves as allies for victimized students
    • If students report bullying, make sure that the bullies are confronted and that the victims, bystanders, and allies feel protected 
    • Work with alt school stakeholders to share ideas and hold conversations on what you are doing in your classroom/school to teach about and prevent bullying
    • Compile with your students a list of strategies for dealing with bullies and post then in your classroom/school


    1. Address the incident immediately. If necessary, call parents. Never label a child as a bully
    2. If the students' behavior becomes chronic, refer them to the counselor
    3. If the bullying behavior continues after the counseling session, then refer them to the assistant principal

       Administration's Role in Preventinq Bullying

    • There will be appropriate disciplinary consequences for students who choose to be bullies
    • Resources and professional development will be provided to help teachers enhance their learning on bullying
    • A full investigation will take place when bullying issues are reported, and everyone involved will be treated fairly (ENSURE DUE PROCESS)
    • Follow Chapter 37 and the Student Code of Conduct
    • Parents wilt be informed of bullying incidents involving their child
    • Maintain accurate campus data
    • Select appropriate reason and action codes
    • Establish clear, consistent and concise campus rules
    • Review classroom discipline plans
    • Monitor discipline/behavior
    • The counselor will present guidance lessons in the classrooms dealing with bullying/cyberbullying
    • Pamphlets and presentations on information on bullying/cyberbullying will be available for parents
    • David's Law-Review the law with all campus stakeholders