• Girls at bus

    Bus Stop

    We are excited to introduce our new Bus Stop Locator tool that provides EPISD parents with school bus pickup times and locations with the click of a button.  Click on the button above and follow three easy steps:

    • Enter your house number and street name.
    • Select your school from the drop down menu.
    • Click on the “Search” button

    If your child is eligible for transportation the bus stop location will be provided and a red plus sign designating the place will appear on the map. If a stop location is not shown, then transportation may not be available for the address entered.

    Please note that this program does not provide bus stop information for special education, special programs or magnet schools.  Households with students who utilize special education buses will be contacted directly by the Transportation Department with their student’s specific transportation information.  Students who are enrolling in Special programs or magnet schools will be provided transportation information at the time of enrollment.

    Please ensure your child is at the bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time to make sure they are there when the bus arrives.

    Make sure to check back often for the first few weeks of school.  There can be significant time changes as the routes grow due to new stops and students.

    If you cannot find your student’s information please contact either the school that your child attends or the Transportation Department at 915-230-2500.