Meet Our Principal

  • Welcome to Chapin High School. Our theme this year is A New Breed,

    and we look forward to welcoming each family into the Chapin community. 

    We are ready for a year full of spirit, scholarship, and success, knowing we are committed to supporting all Huskies for academic achievement and social-emotional growth. 

    Chapin's full slate of activities provides opportunities for students, parents, faculty, and staff to stay informed and involved in everything we do.

    Our talented, resourceful faculty and staff are excited to be available to your families, and we appreciate the trust you have in us to help educate your children for their future.

    With recent pandemic history's challenges to our schools, many people use the words "new normal." For our Chapin family, our "normal" has not wavered because we are committed to providing each Chapin Husky new opportunities and experiences. With your help, we know we can continue to grow, exceeding even our own expectations for excellence. 

    Please contact me with questions and ideas you have about how we can make each day a better learning experience for our Huskies.

    Let's continue to show EPISD and the greater El Paso community how committed Chapin Huskies are to making a positive impact with everything we do. 


  • Administration

    Ragen Chappell  915-236-4423

    Assistant Principals

    Sonia L. Arias Assistant Principal Operations, Attendance 915-236-4407

    Melissa Estrada- Assistant Principal Discipline  915-236-4440

    Jose Carlos-Assistant Principal Discipline 915-236-4408

    Laura Carrillo-Assistant Principal Guidance & Instruction 915-236-4405

    Important Numbers
    Main Line 915-236-4400

    Attendance 915-236-4401

    Discipline Line: 915-236-4440/915-236-4408/915-236-4400
    Principal's Secretary 915-236-4423
    Registrar 915-236-4437  915-236-4438
    School Fax 915-565-9716



Ragen Chappell

  • School Info


    Captain John L. Chapin High School

    7000 Dyer St.
    El Paso, TX  79904

    9th-12th Grade


    School Colors
    Navy Blue, White & Columbia Blue