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  • A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. The focus is on academics, health and social services, youth and community development. Community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities.

    EPISD Community School

    The EPISD Community Schools Program seeks to develop high-functioning community schools at the following El Paso ISD campuses:

    • Bowie High School
    • Guillen Middle School
    • Aoy Elementary School
    • Douglass Elementary School
    • Hart Elementary Schools
    • Zavala Elementary School


    • Jefferson High School
    • Cooley Elementary School
    • Clardy Elementary School
    • Henderson Middle School
    • Zavala Elementary School

    These schools are located in the Segundo Barrio and Chamizal neighborhoods, which have some of the highest indicators of social need in the city.

    Elements of a community school

    • A welcoming and approachable campus serving as a community hub
    • Engaging high- quality and enriching academic programs at all community school campuses
    • College, career, and service focus
    • Shared planning by teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members
    • Community partnerships that support the needs of the school
    • Coordinated social support for families and students
    • Expanded learning opportunities like after-school and summer programs
    • Strong early childhood programs

    EPISD Community School Projects

    • Community resource fairs
    • Food pantries
    • After school and enrichment programs
    • Adult education classes
    • Health and Wellness resources for teachers, students, parents and community members
    • Community gardens

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  • Community Schools
    Simon Chandler
    Community Schools Coordinator
    Tel: 915-613-7756