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    Carmen Rodriguez

    Parent Engagement Liasion 
    Jefferson High School

    Welcome Back Jefferson Parents!


    Welcome back parents/guardians/family members to the Parent Engagement section of the Jefferson website. For those new to the campus, my name is Carmen Rodriguez and I am the Parent Liaison for Jefferson. I would like to take this time to welcome all new and returning families to our 2021-2022 Fox Community!

    Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, our strength, faith, and perseverance, were put to the test. What we once thought of as normal no longer existed. The pandemic forced changes in our lives, from social distancing ourselves from family and friends, to teaching/learning via computer. We lost several freedoms that we often take for granted. The biggest loss being that of family and friends.

    Despite all of this, Jefferson/Silva Parent Engagement is coming back stronger than ever before. My partner, Aurora Martinez (Silva Parent Liaison), are determined to makes sure that we help provide our families with whatever they need to ensure their student’s success.

    My heart and commitment to student success is a part of me since I too, was a graduate of this Fox Community. It is with great pleasure that I work here with the community and school that provided a wonderful learning experience that made me decide early on, that I would have to return and share that experience with others.

    We will be bringing presentations that will help build a stronger foundation between the school and our families. We look forward to meeting and working with our parents and community members. Here’s to a great school year!


    Carmen Rodriguez

    Parent Liaison

    once a fox, always a fox Once a Fox, Always a Fox!