• Help our Burges Alumni raise funds for a new Running Mustang statue that will be placed in the new Quad area to be built on campus!


    The proposed statue measures 8' x 11' x 3' (HLW) and would be on a 2-3' ft pedestal. 

    Mustang Statue


    We are requesting donations for the statue, and will include engraved tiles with the names of our donors: $200 for 3 lines. These tiles will be placed around the new Mustang Statue. Below is an image of what the proposed tiles will look like:

    Mustang Tile

    Once funding for the statue and its installation has been achieved, the remaining funds will be transferred to the PC Jordan Scholarship and the Burges Alumni Legacy Scholarship Funds. 


    To access the order form, click on the link below. If you would like more information, please contact David Rascon at dorascon@yahoo.com.

    3 Line Tile Order Form