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    Why did the Bee change the preliminary round to a written test?

    After much discussion & consideration, the El Paso Regional Spelling Bee changed to reflect how Scripps conducts the national Spelling Bee. This will better prepare the winner to compete in May.


    Where can I stay while my child takes the exam?

    Parents can come into the theater until we begin seating students for the competition. Just before the written part begins, members of the Spelling Bee staff will escort parents to the cafeteria. We will come and get parents by groups once the test is over. All students will stay in the theater until everyone completes the exam. This should take approximately 40 minutes.


    How many students will make it to the finals?

    We anticipate having approximately 70-75 students will make it to the final round.


    How do I know if my child/student makes it to the finals?

    The finalists will be announced on our website: episd.org/bee2020. You can access this link and event photos on our Facebook page at @EPSpellingBee. Finalists also will be posted at Bowie.


    If my child is a finalist, what time do we need to come back?

    Finalist check-in is between 12 and 12:30 p.m. Students will need to be on stage by 12:45 p.m.


    Why are you not livestreaming the spelling bee this year?

    Our contract with Scripps prohibits us from livestreaming this year.


    My child’s name is spelled incorrectly

    Not a problem. It must have been entered incorrectly during the registration process. Write down their child’s correct name and school and we will mail them a corrected version.


    The t-shirt doesn’t fit

    We got the sizes off the registration form. If you check back with us after 10 a.m., we can see if we can exchange it for the correct size.


    I want to buy a t-shirt

    Unfortunately, all shirts were pre-ordered. We advertised shirt sales in advance on our Facebook page, website and through emails. Check back with us after 12:30 p.m. and we can see if someone who pre-secured one did not come to buy theirs.



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  • Format Change

    After much discussion and consideration, the format of the 2020 El Paso Regional Spelling Bee is changing to reflect the national competition, which will better prepare the winner for the Scripps Bee in May. The preliminary round will now consist of a written spelling and vocabulary test, which will be conducted in the morning. The 40-minute test will narrow the field by half and the remaining candidates will participate in the finals at 1 p.m.

    The composition of the test is as follows: 

    • Words 1 – 20: Spelling words from 2020 Words of the Champions

    • Words 21 – 25: Spelling words from Merriam-Webster Unabridged 

    • Words 26 – 45: Vocabulary questions based on words from 2020 Words of the Champions 

    • Words 46 – 50: Vocabulary questions based on words from Merriam-Webster Unabridged

    Tips from Scripps:

    The 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List is divided into three levels of difficulty: One Bee, Two Bee and Three Bee. Students should start with the words at their skill level. In general, we recommend level One Bee for lower elementary (grades 1 through 3), Two Bee for upper elementary (grades 4 through 6), and Three Bee for middle school (grades 7 and 8).

    When spellers are comfortable with the words at their starting difficulty level, they are ready to learn the remainder of the 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List, which includes all three levels. We went to three difficulty levels instead of eight grade levels to allow teachers more freedom in selecting the right difficulty level for their students. By not limiting themselves to grade level, both teachers and students have more flexibility to focus on the words that are right for them.

    Once a student has mastered the 450 words on the 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List, he or she is ready for the complete Words of the Champions booklet (4,000 words). Words of the Champions, as well as our official dictionary, Webster’s Unabridged, will be the best resources in preparation for your final bee.

    If you have specific questions about the Bee, email Scripps at www.spellingbee.com/contact


    Schedule of Events

    Friday, March 6

    7:30 a.m. Check-in & packet pick up in the theater

    9 a.m. Written spelling & vocabulary exam in the cafeteria

    1 p.m. Finals in the theater


    Registration link opens

    Dec. 2, 2019 

    Deadline to register is Feb. 3, 2020