• Our Vision

    Every student in the El Paso Independent School District will become a responsible digital citizen who knows how to harness the learning potential of digital media in a 24/7 connected world, safely, ethically, and respectfully.

    At EPISD, we want our students to make good decisions so they can take advantage of the powerful technology that fills their lives both at school and at home. But in order to make good choices, kids must know how the digital world works. "The stakes are high because our kids' technological abilities can be greater than their maturity and judgment. Having unrestricted access to information and people can result in gaining a wealth of information and experiences. But it can also mean accessing inappropriate content or making inappropriate contact with others. The difference between a great experience and an iffy one lies in the decisions kids make."
    (Common Sense on Digital Life, Family Tip Sheet, Common Sense Education.)

    That's why EPISD has partnered with Common Sense Education to provide resources, tips, videos, and other materials to help parents and teachers keep our students safe in the digital world. Each year students at multiple grade levels will receive at least 2.25 hours of instruction on digital citizenship using the curriculum materials from Common Sense Education. By the time a student graduates from high school, he/she will have become a responsible digital citizen who can effectively and safely use the resources of the Internet for communication, collaboration, research, and social networking.

  • CommonSense District Recognition