Core Beliefs

    1. All teachers and administrators are literacy teacherswhoare reflective practitioners that hold themselves accountable for quality literacy and/orbiliteracyinstruction.
    2. Every child has a right to high quality literacy or biliteracyinstruction delivered by expertly trained teachers who are continuously growing and learning.
    3. Explicit instruction in language domains—listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking—provide a strong foundation for students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.
    4. An engaging high-quality literacy or biliteracyclassroom has developmentally appropriate practices and resources that promote equitable student-centered instruction.
    5. All decisions are based on what is best for the development of our students.
    6. As valued partners, schools and families work collaboratively to ensure literacy or biliteracyis extended from school to the home.
    7. Students are valued and empowered when exposed to a variety of high interest, authentic, multicultural literature that supports literacy and biliteracy.
    8. Each child’s literacy or biliteracydevelopment is supported through instruction that is based on consistentformal and informal assessment.
    9. A quality literacy or biliteracyenvironment is enhanced by developing social and emotional competencies and cultural awareness. 
    10. When students begin to understand how they learn, they build self-confidenceandownership over their learningand can advocate for themselves.
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