• The Coronado Administration will be posting monthly  construction updates to keep everyone generally informed as to the progress being made.
    The old "B' building is now completely demolished.  Construction on the new building will begin the week of September 16th.  The front of the new building will be 3 stories tall along Champions.  The side of the new building running along the Fire Lane will change from 3 stories to 2 stories.  
    The excavation of dirt for the New Athletic Field House is completed.  Construction of the this will begin the week of September 16th as well.  Teams should be able to move into the New Field House by the end of July of 2020.
    The main gym has had all asbestos removed and is in the process of receiving a new HVAC system and Fire Alarm System.  It is scheduled to be completed by the first week of March.
    The Round About for buses on the corner of Champions and Mesa Street will go under full construction as soon as school ends in late May.  This is because Thunderbird Alley will have to be shut down during June and July to complete construction of this.
    Go T-Birds!