• TMECHS Counseling and College Readiness

    TMECHS Counselors are available Monday-Friday before school, at lunch or after school. 

    Linnea Wiggs (Counselor Last Names A-J):
    Email: ldelliso@episd.org
    Schoology Course Code: SN2H-WBSZ-GGFM6
    Phone: 915-236-5003
    Vivian Maguire (Counselor Last Names K-Z):
    Email: vmaguire@episd.org
    Schoology Course Code: JVS3-VNJH-2M8X6
    Phone: 915-236-5004
    Sal Ramirez (Campus College Readiness Coordinator): 
    Email: sramirez@episd.org
    Schoology Course Code: R72J-27RH-2KDTB
    Phone: 915-236-5011
    Vanessa Bretado (EPCC Counselor): vbretado@epcc.edu
    Counselors can also be contacted on Remind. Students should join their respective classes so students and administrative staff can utilize that method of communication, especially to reach students while attending classes at EPCC or UTEP. Students should download the Remind App on their cell phone with student first and last name so they can receive information on presentations and deadlines from the Counselors and College Readiness Coordinator.
    Counseling Class Codes:  
    Class of 2023 Code: @8kecd8e   
    Class of 2024 Code: @accaa6
    Class of 2025 Code: @2hfcge2 
    Class of 2026 Code: @899d3c
    We will respond as soon as possible to all requests. 
    If this is an emergency, dial 911, 211 or call the 24 hour Emergence Crisis Hotline (Mental Health Crisis): 915-779-1800.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    All the available scholarships are listed in Going Merry - check out the scholarship feed below. Students are encouraged to create their own account and then Going Merry will start sending the information to you, as well as streamline the application process so you do not need to keep filling out personal information for each scholarship.

    Here's the website: https://www.goingmerry.com/ 

  • TMECHS Counseling Mission and Vision Statements


    Transmountain Early College High School will provide students with the opportunity, tools and resources to earn both a STEM-focused high school diploma and a two-year Associate Degree, provided by El Paso Community College, within four years. In order to promote student success, counselors ensure all students’ social/emotional and academic needs are met. 


    ALL Transmountain Early College High School graduates will have the social/emotional and academic skills needed to successfully transition to a 4-year college. Students will be equipped to pursue their post-secondary endeavors, such as completing their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in a shorter time period or joining the work force in STEM-related fields.