• Listed below are some frequently used attendance codes for coding student attendance.

    If you have questions regarding the attendance codes or the EPISD attendance policies, please contact the Attendance Office and/or Assistant Principal. 

    There is also information on the EPISD district website:  https://www.episd.org/Page/591  Please note that this list is for introductory information. Attendance verification and reporting is finalized by the school officials.


    1T  Tardy Ex Absence

    3T Tardy Unexcused Absence

    5T Tardy Unexcused

    EXC  Excused Other

    FT  Field Trip

    FU Funeral

    IL  Illness

    IN In School

    MDA  Medical All Day

    MNN Medical

    NN  No Note

    SD School Activity

    SI Suspension

    TST  Testing

    UE Unexcused Other

    UNV  Unverified 


    El Paso ISD reviews high school campus exam exemption policy each year and publishes the exemption criteria in the fall. Historically, exam exemption eligibility is based on academic performance and attendance. Please contact the school administration and/or the attendance office to determine what absences are used for the current year's policy.  Families can also access their student's attendance records from Parent Portal.