• Registration 2020-2021

    Please read carefully for important information on on-line registration and withdrawals


    All returning students must complete registration online

    Upload the most current utility bill (water, gas, or electricity only) if it is not uploaded or readable you will be asked to provide one to the school.

    Use the same login you used this school year

    Please do not create a new one as it will duplicate student and you will be asked to complete registration again.

    If you had to change your email address that was used last year. Please send an email toonlineregistration@episd.org with old email, new email, student/s names, and parent name.

    If you have trouble completing registration online, please send an email to onlineregistration@episd.org.

    If you have a new student (sibling) who is attending Powell this year, please add student to the same log in. Remember we need all documentation for new students. Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Verification of Residence, and Parents driver license. Please upload all documents.

    PK for 3 year olds is not available at Powell, however, it is available at Logan and other campuses. If you would like your 3 year old to attend one of those campuses please fill out a transfer request if Powell is your home campus. Transfer must be approved in order for student to attend.


    Not returning to Powell

    If your child/children is not returning to Powell next year, please send an email to mxibarra@episd.org with the following information.

     If you are leaving El Paso, please provide name of student/s, reason for withdrawing, name of new school (if available), new city and state, and copy of parent driver license

    If you moved to another address, please provide me with a copy of a utility bill (water, gas, electricity, or lease only) to update on the system. I will let you know the name of your home campus. If your new school is an EPISD school, you will be able to select that school during online registration once address is updated.

    If you moved to another address that does not belong to Powell and you would like your student to attend Powell, you must submit a transfer request for next school year. This transfer must be completed under parent portal.