• History of AboutFACE

    During the 1995-96 school year, a committee of teachers, parents, counselors, administrators, and district level staff worked collaboratively to establish an alternative education program developmentally appropriate for young children. The committee shared a common belief that all children with behavior problems can learn and succeed given the opportunity and support to develop self-discipline skills. The overwhelming desire of the committee was to create a unique elementary alternative education program where young children could learn skills to change inappropriate behaviors to appropriate behaviors by instilling in them favorable attitudes about their own abilities to deal with problems in their lives. Thus, a key element of the program is teaching students coping and social emotional learning (SEL) skills that can be used not only when the students return to their campuses, but also throughout thier lives.

    The committee members named the alternative education program Project About FACE. FACE stands for Favorable Attitudes Change Everything. The title implies hope, a new direction, and positive change--an "about face" from dealing with situations in an unacceptable or inappropriate manner to taking control and effectively handling various social situations in a positive manner. In fact, the Roman god of doors, gates, and all beginnings who is artistically represented by two back-to-back faces, was chosen as the logo for Project About FACE. The program uses a modified graphic version of Janus wih opposing silhouettes of children to visually represnet the fact that past and present behaviors determine what happens in the future. Teaching students how to take control of thier own behaviors in a positive manner enables them to not only create "new beginnings" for themselves, but also open the "doors or gates" to future successes.