• Instructions for Senior Clearance, May 15-22


    Congratulations Class of 2020!  We are so very proud of you!

    Decorate your car in honor of your graduation!

    All Seniors are required to go through the clearance process to be cleared for graduation.  We ask that you adhere to your assigned date and time to allow for the most efficient process. 

    Senior Clearance will be a “drive-through”.  Students are required to remain in their vehicle for the entire clearance process other than to open the trunk when asked to do so.  Students are required to wear a face mask or face covering, and gloves are encouraged.  We ask that you comply with Social Distancing, and do not come with friends.  Information on your assigned date & time for clearance will be posted on the FHS website and the Counselor Schoology page.  Note that any disputes to monies owed or items owed, must be cleared BEFORE your clearance date.  Disputes will not be dealt with at the time of your clearance. 

    Beginning on Monday, May 11, locks will be cut off of the lockers inside of the building at both campuses. If you have items in a locker at the main campus that you want to claim, you must email Mrs. Carol Mendoza, camendoz@episd.org, to notify her of this.  If you are at the magnet, email Mr. Laron Sharp, lhsharp@episd.org.  Make sure to be able to provide your locker #.  Your items will be bagged and a designated time to pick up the bag will be scheduled.  All items must be claimed no later than May 13.  If you do have textbooks or laptops in your locker, they will be scanned in.    

    Please come prepared, and please clear your trunk other than the items indicated below:

    • Name & ID # written/printed on paper and laid on the dashboard.
    • EPISD issued laptop, charger, and extra charger piece, in the laptop bag. Name & ID # on a piece of paper, attached to the laptop bag. Items should be in the trunk of your car.
    • Any textbooks or library books need to also be in the trunk of your car.
    • Items owed for Fine Arts, athletics, or ROTC should be in the trunk of your car. If they are items of clothing, please bag them by activity, and label the bag with your name and ID #.
    • If you are in the Top 10%, bring your black cap & gown to swap for the purple. Items should be in the trunk of your car.
    • Student ID card

    If a student is ill or unable to attend Senior Clearance on their designated date and time, a parent/guardian may come in their place.


    If you are unable to attend in a vehicle, a “walk-up” opportunity will be provided on Friday, May 22 from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.  Please follow the same entrance directions as indicated below. 


    If you get to the Business Agent on your scheduled clearance date and have to return to pay a fine, May 22 from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. will be your time and date to do this.


    IMPORTANT:  All vehicles must enter from Resler, at baseball field, and proceed to the back of the portables.  Your 1st stop will be there, and you will continue on into the parking lot between the 2 campuses.  Please adhere to the personnel pointing you to the next stop.  Upon completion of Senior Clearance, you are to exit the school property.


    Senior Clearance Stations:

    #1 – Check In, Clearance/Routing Form

    #2 – Laptop, Textbooks, Library Books

    #3 – Fine Arts, Athletics, ROTC

    #4 – Business Agent (NOTE: Diplomas and Records will be held until all fines are cleared.  Cash Only, Exact Amount – No change will be given.  Please have monies in a plastic bag or envelope, pre-counted.  Receipt will be provided.)

    #5 – Submit Final Clearance Form

    #6 – Herff Jones (Note: If you still have a remaining balance, you will have to go to the office of Herff Jones for payment and pick up.)

    #7 – Yearbook  (This station is PENDING.  Distribution may be at a later date.  If you have your receipt, bring it with you.  NO new sales at this time.)


    Students reporting for clearance on a date that is not their assigned date, will be turned away.


    A message from the Registrar:

    All seniors who will be attending college next year, need to provide a final high school transcript to that college.  Please submit your request through Scriborder, FREE of charge.  To access Scriborder, please go to:

    www.episd.org ; Departments; Student and Parent Services; Request Student Records/Transcripts

    Follow the instructions provided there.

    For any student going into the military or to a Technical School, please provide that information via email to:

    Main Campus Students:   daganey@episd.org     (Debbie Lowenberg, Registrar)

    Magnet Campus Students:   amcanale@episd.org   (Ann Canales, Registrar)


    NOTE:  Transcripts are free through June 30