Franklin High School 2020 Commencement Ceremony

  • June 17 at 9 am in the Franklin High School Stadium 

    To promote a healthy and safe environment for graduates and attendees, EPISD has implemented the following rules and regulations that will be followed without exception: 

    • Each graduate will be given two guests tickets that must be presented at the door. All ceremonies will be livestreamed on 

    • Face masks will be required for anyone in attendance. Graduates will be allowed to remove their facemask as they walk the stage. 

    • Social distancing for graduates on the field and guests in the stands will be enforced. 

    • Health Services staff will conduct temperature checks of participating graduates and staff members. Anyone with a fever will be denied entrance into the stadium. 

    • Guests are allowed to bring a bottle of water, but no coolers are allowed. 

    • Stadiums seats will be allowed. Umbrellas are not allowed. 

    • Graduates and guests will be released from the ceremony at staggered times to facilitate social distancing and discourage gatherings 

    Franklin Graduation Procedure  

    For Students: 

    • Students should arrive at 7 am for check-in at the main gym. 
    • Students will check in with their line monitor and be directed to their holding station. 
    • Students who are late, take the chance of not being able to walk graduation.  Please be on time! 
    • Students will get temperature checked upon entry and must wear a mask.  Any student who has a temperature above 99.9 will not be allowed to walk.  
    • Students are NOT allowed to wear heels. Only flats or tennis shoes will be allowed 
    • Girls should wear a dress, skirt/blouse, or dress pants (NO SHORTS)—long skirts are difficult, and possibly dangerous on the stairs. Cocktail dresses are not appropriate dress.   
    • Boys are expected to wear a shirt and tie and slacks (NO SHORTS).  
    • Graduates may not have cameras, phones, purses or any object in their hands at the processional or ceremony. Leave them at home. 
    • No cell phones may be used at any time during the ceremony. 
    • Students will be escorted to field, walk around the track, and file into their assigned row 
    • Students will walk across the stage and will go to the photo booth to take their picture and return to their seat 
    • Diplomas will be on your assigned seat. Please take them up with you for your photo.  
    • After the tassel is moved, students will then be dismissed by row by the Principal 
    • Once dismissed, students should immediately leave with their family. No one will be allowed to remain on campus to ensure social distancing from other families.  
    • This is a reverent ceremony.  Please behave appropriately.  No beach balls, noise makers, or anything that distracts from the ceremony.   
    • Any student who comes to the ceremony under the influence of drugs, and/or alcohol will be removed and subject to the laws of the city.  Students may not smoke or bring vape devices will them.  Anyone in violation of this policy, will be removed from the ceremony.   

    For Guests: 

    • The gate in the rear of the stadium will open at 7 am. This is the only entrance for guests 
    • Seating is by section. It is general seating within your assigned section 
    • Please sit only on designated seating areas in order to ensure social distancing 
    • All guests must have a mask or entrance will be denied 
    • Each student is allowed only two guests. Each guest must have a ticket or they will not be allowed to enter.  
    • No umbrellas or noisemakers will be allowed 
    • Water is allowed but no coolers 
    • Guests will be dismissed at the same time that their students are dismissed