• Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do I do if my laptop isn't working?

    Email Ms. Abery Baker at beaberyb@episd.org and she will help you submit a repair request.

    What do I do if I don't have WiFi at home?

    Hotspots are available for students who do not have Internet access at home. Please contact your campus librarian, Ms. Jenny Roman, at jlroman@episd.org for more information.

    What if my log-in doesn't work?

    Text EPISD at 915-526-6767 with your name, school, student ID, and the issue or problem and someone will reach out to you to assist.

    What if I don't know my password?

    Unless you have reset your password, it should be your date of birth, with the 4-digit year first: YYYYMMDD

    I can't download/update a program I need - it keeps giving me an error message!

    Make sure that you are downloading the program directly from the launchpad (the rocket ship at the bottom of your desktop). If you download from the launchpad, you should not receive this error. If you are updating a program, you will need to uninstall it, then reinstall from the launchpad. Contact your administrator if these actions do not resolve your issue.

MacBook Update:

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