• Parent-Teacher Conferences Spring 2021

    TMECHS Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) will take place Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

    Conferences will be held virtually and are by appointment only.

    All conferences will be scheduled using the Calendly link below. Please do not email teachers asking them to reserve your meeting time, as they are unable to do so. You must reserve your own time using the links provided.

    Parents are not required to participate in PTC, but they are encouraged to meet with teachers in whose classes their child(ren) are struggling.

    Any parents who are not able to meet during the PTC time on the 10th may contact those teachers they wish to meet with to arrange a meeting at another time.

    PTC conferences are only ten (10) minutes long. If you require a longer meeting, the teacher will work with you to arrange a time that will work for you. Please never hesitate to email your child's teachers at TMECHS. All Maverick teachers are committed to the success of our young Maverick students.

    Please click the individual link below for each teacher you would like to meet with on Wednesday, February 10th. You will be able to select a time to meet one-on-one with that teacher. After making your appointment, you will receive an email and/or text confirmation of your appointment and a reminder email/text the day before the meeting.

    Please click here for instructions on how to create a parent Schoology account with which you will be able to view your child's assignments and progress in each of their classes.

Teachers (Click "View Website" below to schedule a conference with that teacher.)

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Counselors (Click "View Website" below to schedule a conference with that staff member.)

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