• What is Dyslexia?

    The International Dyslexia Association defines dyslexia the following way:

    It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and / or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

    By now you've had some time to get to know your students and you may have some concerns regarding their reading, spelling, and/or writing.  I have attached a copy of the clues to dyslexia in case you may have some concerns regarding a student.  You can also find more information on the referral process for dyslexia testing in our Whitaker Schoology page under the Dyslexia/DRD folder.  Please feel free to send me an email, text or call me if you need additional information on dyslexia, the Wilson Reading System intervention, or the referral process.

    Edna Rodriguez, M. Ed. 

    Dyslexia Specialist

    If you have any questions or need assistance regarding Dyslexia, please call the school at (915)236-6275 to leave a message for Ms. Rodriguez.