• Mission Statement

    Bowie High School Counseling Team is to assist all students in their quest to become productive and responsible global citizens and lifelong learners through their academic development, personal and social growth, and career exploration.

    Vision Statement

    Maximize student success by providing responsive and effective support, education, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Counseling Staff

  • Ms. Williams
    AP/DC/College Readiness &  11th-12th (A-D) 
    Schoology Page (SBDG-7VKR-6XSH6)
    Google phone (575) 395-7403
    Office phone (915) 236-7013
  • Ms. Mercado
    Oso New Tech SLC & 11th -12th (E – L)
    Schoology Page  (D59K-MGNV-ZG77Z )
    915.236.7023-Google Number
  • Mrs. Camacho
    CCTE Counselor
    Sports Science SLC & 11th-12th (M-P)
    Schoology Page (TCWD-4JTZ-C869N)
    915.308.6434-Google Number
  • Mr. Aguirre
    Global Industry SLC & 11th-12th (Q – Z)
    Schoology Page  (H2B8-T744-BBX8N)
    915.308.6669-Google Number

College & Career Readiness

    Mrs. W. Garcia
    College Readiness Coordinator
    Schoology Page (D4XD-JCHJ-RJTRC)


  • Mr. DeSantis
    Assistant Principal - Guidance and Instruction 
    915.267.2638 Google number