CCTE Recruitment

  • CCTE is opening its doors to allow parents and students an opportunity to walk the campus and visit all of the programs as well as meet the faculty and staff. Our goal is to match incoming students with a Career and Technology program. This is a perfect opportunity for you to hear from the instructor(s) about their programs and ask generic questions about the advanced CTE classes and programs available at CCTE. We are an elective magnet that serves 12 high schools in EPISD and assists juniors and seniors in completing their Program of Study as identified in their College and Career Readiness Plan. ​We will be welcoming visitors from 10AM to 2PM at 1170 N. Walnut St, 79930. Please check-in at the front desk for a map or for assistance. 

    We hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions, please email us @; please include the student's name, student ID, and home campus.

     Thank you, take care and see you soon!