Student Council Logo
  • Welcome to the Young Women's Academy Student Council Informational Page. 

    Here you will find council information, projects, and a photo gallery based on work from the students.

    We have two councils that operate to provide opportunities for both our middle school and high school students. This ensures activities are grade-level appropriate but also allow room for mentorship between the two councils. Our school is registered with the National Association of Student Councils and Texas Association of Student Councils. We provide many opportunities to participate with local and state activities. Since 2020, our council has achieved Outstanding status at the state level and for the past two years, adding Sweepstakes. Students continue to raise the bar and strive to create events that have a meaningful impact on our campus and in the community. Check out our Canva website for access to our latest TASC State Report, Meet Our Council, and other resources. 


    Our school is always interested in community partnerships with organizations and businesses that will expose our students to projects that have meaning locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We are open to meeting and discussing how our missions align and ways we can collaborate. Feel free to reach out via email at