• National Board Certification

  • EPISD and the National Board Certification 

    A National Board-Certified Teacher has achieved the highest professional credential in the field of teaching in Texas and the United States.  

    The certification is a means to professional growth and improvement, and is designed to promote excellence in teaching and learning. EPISD wishes to encourage all teachers to consider becoming a Nationally Board-Certified Teacher and will provide financial and professional learning support to help you on your journey.  


    National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) EPISD Cohort 

    The EPISD National Board Cohort program is a three-year commitment of self-reflection and study of practice, with courses and assignments designed around the following components:  

    • Differentiation in Instruction  
    • Content Knowledge 
    • Teaching Practice and Learning Environment 
    • Effective and Reflective Practices 

    EPISD teachers who choose to take part in this 100% voluntary certification program, document their practices through rigorous reflection and analysis, and challenge themselves to improve their teaching skills; which in turn helps their schools and community.  

    EPISD has developed a three-year cohort program to support teachers on their journey to NBPTS certification. Teachers can apply to join this cohort and receive mentorship, peer support, and funding for fees!  EPISD will pay for the entire certification process, including registration and component fees ($1975).  In addition to the NBPTS Cohort, EPISD offers an annual $2,000 stipend for EPISD teachers that hold an active National Board Certification. EPISD teachers with an NBPTS certification will be eligible for additional stipends (up to $6000 per year) through the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment program.  


    Who is eligible to apply to the EPISD NBPTS Cohort? 

    EPISD Teachers, Librarians, and Counselors who hold a bachelor’s degree, a valid Texas teaching or counseling license and have 3 full years of teaching or school counseling experience are encouraged to apply to the EPISD NBPTS Cohort!  

    Fifteen candidates will be accepted into each cohort using a scored application process. More information about the 2022-23 application process coming soon. 


    National Board-Certified Teachers in EPISD 

    Currently, there are two NBPTS certified teachers in EPISD.