My name is Jesus Medina and it will be an honor to serve you and your children as the new principal of Moye Elementary. We are anticipating academic success for every student, therefore working as a team we will be able to achieve our goal. In order to achieve our mission, I ask that we use communication among students, teachers, parents and school administrators. 

    Parents/guardians play a vital role in the education of children. Proactive parental involvement assures student accomplishments. Children will experience fewer problems if you are actively involved. I belive students learn in diffferent ways and at a different pace.

    Exemplary student conduct is expected at all times and is critical to ensure building academic acievement and great character to promote positive student values and the core values of the school.             Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe!

    It is important and required for your child to attend school every day. ATTENDANCE COUNTS!

  • Jessie Medina, Principal