Don Haskins PK-8

    International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

    Language Policy



    It is the philosophy of the both the IB Programme and Don Haskins PK-8 to ensure achievement through a variety of language learning with rigorous instruction in language acquisition in order to promote successful citizens of a global community.

    As language is the key to all learning, all teachers at Don Haskins PK-8, are language teachers. Language learning at Haskins refers not only to the learning of a specific language, but it includes any and all activities which bring about learning. Through language, our students acquire the ability to think and to learn, to develop social skills and values, and to acquire knowledge.

    Language Profile

    Don Haskins PK-8 uses American English as the language of instruction for speaking, reading, writing, listening and cultural awareness. Our school understands that learning is always evolving and that language acquisition is an ongoing process.

    Don Haskins PK-8 has a student body that reflects the demographics of the El Paso community. Haskins encompasses a diverse multi-cultural student body by its unique location on the border of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. The student body makes up approximately 900 students representing a rich, diverse academic climate. Teaching, developing, and learning more about language and multi-culturalism is believed to be the function of all stake holders involved in a school system including, but not limited to, the teachers, students, parents, administrators and community members.

    Core Educational Beliefs

    All students will be expected to utilize both written and spoken skills in complete sentences. Students are therefore expected to write and speak in the language of instruction for a particular class. In accordance with the educational goals of EPISD, we administer a Two-Way Dual Language programs well as an English for Speakers of Other Languages program.

    The Two-Way Dual Language program is for students who participated in the program at the elementary levels as well as students new to U.S. schools whose parents choose to have their child participate in the program. This is a program in EPISD which educates all children, English speakers, Spanish speakers, and speakers of other languages. The district follows a 50/50 model, meaning that teachers give instruction 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Spanish. The goals of the program are for students to become bilingual and bi-literate, to have high academic achievement, to be culturally competent, and to have high self-esteem and leadership skills.

    Language Acquisition for the Middle School Program (LAMP) is the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program at the middle school level that addresses the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). ELLs enter middle school at different English proficiency levels and the LAMP program supports individual progression of course work based on the student's program entry level. The program promotes English language acquisition while providing students with academic content classes through sheltered instruction methodologies. These courses are supported by extensive resource material, enabling students to achieve academic success while acquiring English proficiency. English and ESL certified teachers deliver instruction using research based ESL methodologies.

    Learning New Languages

    In following with the tradition of international mindedness each student will have an opportunity to learn at least two new languages. Students will be introduced to the culture of non-English speaking countries and further develop an awareness and comprehension of our own language and culture. Understanding another language opens up a whole new world of travel and career opportunities. Emphasis will be placed upon understanding and using the language in everyday situations. As a result of participating in these language studies, students have the opportunity to move on to high school with High School Credits and College Credits.

    Language Resources

    Every student at Don Haskins PK-8 has full access to library resources. The library is open before, during and after school with a certified librarian. The majority of books are written in English with a significant number of Spanish language books as well. Students have access to printed materials as well as computers where they can utilize the internet. Databases can be translated to ten different languages and teleconferencing is also available.


    All policies will be available on the Haskins website. The policies will be accessible to the parents, staff, students, and community.