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  • EOC Testing Schedule Overview

    • Students NOT TAKING an EOC will attend normal classes with their normal teachers
      • No more freeze / bootcamp days. Normal instruction will occur! 
    • Students TAKING an EOC will take the assessment in a separate testing room with a proctor
      • Room locations will be on the FHS Website>Quick Links>EOC Testing Information 


    Will my child be in normal classes or take an EOC?

    Ask your child to show you their EPISD Outlook Email. A personalized email was sent to each student with details including if they are taking and EOC or not. Search your child’s EPISD email for:


    Date Sent: Wednesday, April 5th

    Sender: Jennifer Ross

    Subject: Your EOC Testing Information


    Where should my child report to for class or to take an EOC?

    When scheduling testing rooms, we had to temporarily relocate some teachers, so all Franklin students need to check their room location on testing days! 


    All Franklin students can check their room locations for testing days THE DAY BEFORE EACH EOC DAY. 


    What is an EOC?

    The state of Texas requires students to take and pass certain End-of-Course assessments in order to graduate high school. The EOC assessments measure students' academic performance in core high school courses (Algebra I, English I, English II, biology, U.S. history). If your child is currently enrolled in one of those courses, or still needs to pass an EOC, they will be testing in the upcoming weeks. 


    When are EOCs?

    • Tuesday, April 18th = English 1
    • Thursday, April 20th = English 2
    • Tuesday, April 25th = Biology
    • Thursday, April 27th = US History 
    • Tuesday, May 2nd = Algebra 1


    How will my child take the EOC?

    All students will take the assessment on their EPISD laptop. Laptop needs to be fully charged!

    Don’t have an EPISD laptop? Your child will take their EOC in a computer lab.


    When will my child eat lunch if they are taking an EOC?

    Testing will pause around 11:45 for testers to eat lunch within the testing room. Students have the following lunch options: 

    • Students can bring their own lunch from home


    • Order from the cafeteria: PB&J or Ham&Cheese


    How can I support my child so they are successful on an EOC?

    • Feed them a healthy breakfast
    • Send them with a bottle of water & snack
    • Make a plan for lunch
    • Remind them to bring their EPISD laptop fully charged
    • Remind them to bring their laptop charger
    • Remind them to answer all questions to the best of their ability
    • Remind them to use the tools that are included in the testing platform if needed