Proclamation 2022

  • Members of the public are invited to provide public comment on the District adoption of PE and Health textbooks and curriculum.  The textbooks are materials that were adopted by the State Board of Education.  Public comment will be open until March 25, 2022.

    To view the material, please click on the Review Material icon on the right. Username and password to access and review each subject and grade level are provided below.

Public Comments

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  • Health Education

    • Health Education, Grade 6Username: healthgr6#reviewPassword: txreview#2022!
    • Health Education, Grades 7–8Username: healthgr7#reviewPassword: txreview#2022!
    • Health IUsername: hshealth1#reviewPassword: txreview#2022!


  • Physical Education

    Username: physed#reviewPassword: txreview#2022!