Franklin H.S. Absence Reporting

  • Is your child going to be absent from school today?

    Complete the following form.

    You do NOT need to call the office unless you have further attendance related questions. 

    You must complete the form EACH DAY your child is absent. The absence will only be recorded on the 1 day you submit the form.

    Information You Will Need To Know

    • Parent / Guardian Name
    • Parent / Guardian Phone Number
    • Parent / Guardian Email
    • Student Name
    • Student ID Number
    • Main or Magnet Student 
    • Reason for Absence 
    • Periods they were Absent

    CLICK HERE to Report your Child Absent 

    This link is unvavailable at this time! Please call the attendance office to report your child absent. 

    Main Campus Attendance: (915) 236-2202 or (915)236-2200

    Magnet Campus Attendance: (915) 236-2400


Video Below: How to Report an Absence Online