Chapin High School opened in August, 2000, and is named in honor of Captain John L. Chapin, who was born and raised in El Paso. Prior to enlisting in the National Guard, Capt. Chapin graduated from Texas A&M University, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He postponed plans to attend medical school in order to serve in the National Guard. In November of 1940, Capt. Chapin's unit was activated as Company E, 141st Infantry, 36th Division in the United States Army. They were sent overseas to North Africa. He declined opportunities for promotions in order to stay with Company E, a unit predominantly comprised of fellow El Pasoans. He was greatly respected by his men and was killed leading them into battle across the Rapido River in Italy.

    We are the home of EPISD's Project Lead The Way Pre-Engineering Math/Science/Technology Magnet Program, which is a program within a school. Students who qualify for the Magnet Program will take coursework with a pre-engineering focus.

    Beginning in the fall of 2022, we will also be a Texas PTech school for Computer Science

    All Huskies  benefit from the highest quality of academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs. The students, faculty, and staff are dedicated to individual and community success.


    This video linked below tells the story of Captain John L. Chapin and the EPISD school that was named after him in 2000. The video was created by EPISD in conjunction with Fort Bliss. Incoming freshmen see this video to introduce them to their new school and the traditions that they will soon join. The video is then shown again at the beginning of the graduation ceremony before the seniors process into the auditorium.