• PBIS is a School-Wide behavior plan designed to apply evidence-based strategies to:

    • Increase Academic Performance
    • Increase Safety
    • Decrease Problem Behavior
    • Establish Positive School Culture

    School Expectations

    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe

    Reinforcement of PBIS

    • Posters in the designated areas
    • Teach Expectations
    • Discipline Flowchart in Place
      • Teacher responsibilites
      • Adminstration responsibilities
    • Caught Being Good Initiative
    • Student of the Month Spotlight
    • Celebration Activities for Reaching Expectations
      • Criteria must be met to participate in Celebrations
        • No discipline referrals and/or no more than two reflections forms
    • CCCT/PBIS Team meets monthly to discuss goals/expectations/interventions/celebrations.
Follow the 3 Be's!