The TMECHS will enforce EPISD’s Dress Code Policy (FNCA Local—issued 11/27/07), which includes the following information:

    The District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority. Students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. The District prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations. The District prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on clothing that:

    1. Are lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene.
    2. Advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under FNCF (LEGAL).
    3. Are evidence of membership or affiliation in any gang, unauthorized club or organization. [See FNCC (LOCAL)]

    The student and parent may determine the student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with this policy, the school’s uniform policy, if applicable, and the district’s dress code for students in the student handbook and/or Student Code of Conduct.

    In addition to the Code of Conduct dress policy, the following campus dress code requirements are also in effect at Transmountain Early College High School:


    • All tops (shirts, blouses, t-shirts, ect) worn at TMECHS must have straps or sleeves. Underwear must be covered
    • All tops must not have a plunging neckline
    • Midriffs cannot show more than the width of the student’s two fingers. This measurement is between the top of the pants waistline and the bottom of the shirt.
    • All tops must be free of any profanity, sex, drugs, gang messaging.
    • No Tube Tops. No string straps


    • Shorts, skirts or dresses worn at TMECHS must be longer than the student’s second knuckle on the index finger while standing, arms held at rest.
    • All pants/jeans must be worn at the waist. No revealing underwear.
    • No pajama pants unless allowed by special event.
    • Ripped jeans are allowed but undergarments and private parts cannot be exposed.


    • Shoes must be worn at all times on campus.
    • Close toe shoes are required for labs. This is an EPCC lab requirement.
    • House slippers are not allowed as shoes, unless allowed by special event.
    • Please keep in mind our campus is rock, dirt and stickers in many areas, wear shoes to protect your feet.

    Head coverings

    • No hats, hoods, or anything that fully covers your head may be worn inside of the buildings. (Head coverings based on religious beliefs will be allowed)


    • Sunglasses may not be worn inside of the building
    • Any clothing or jewelry displaying words or pictures that are lewd, vulgar, obscene, profane or offensive may not be worn.
    • Any clothing, jewelry, or tattoos that advertise or promote illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, violence, gang affiliation, or racist ideas may not be worn. Tattoos that fall into this category must be covered.
    • Bandanas are not allowed as a hat, belt, or hanging from a pocket.
    • Clothing piercings, and/or general appearance which might constitute a health or safety hazard are prohibited.

    NOTE: The Transmountain Early College High School Administration will have the final authority in determining whether or not a student’s attire meets the district and school guidelines.

    Any offense may include the following disciplinary action:

    • Student required to change into appropriate clothing
    • Phone call to parent by administration
    • Detention (REP: Reflections and Extensions Program on alternating Fridays from 4-5 pm)
    • Subsequent violations can lead to a discipline referral and review of a student’s transfer request to attend TMECHS.