El Paso ISD recognizes that part of success in early learning comes from reading, and we are launching a new initiative to foster a love for literacy. Buenas Noches, El Paso will feature an El Paso ISD leader or notable El Pasoan reading a children’s book. We hope you’ll invite us into your home while you cook dinner with your kids, while on a road trip, or as you tuck in your children at night. Together, we can instill a lifelong love of reading. 

    Change Sings by Amanda Gorman 

    Diana Sayavedra became the first Latina superintendent of El Paso ISD in 2022. An expert in curriculum and instruction, Sayavedra started her teaching career more than 30 years ago in Laredo, Texas, where she grew up. She has served in different leadership roles in education throughout the state including a stint as interim superintendent of Fort Bend ISD

  • Pancakes for Dinner by Phillip D. Cortez

    El Paso native Phillip D. Cortez brings to life “Pancakes for Dinner,” one of his six published children’s books for Buenas Noches El Paso. He began his career as a freelance sports writer, writing stories for his local paper and later moving on to writing editorials and feature stories for different publications.

  • When I grow up by Tim Minchin

    Ernesto Mejia, the proud son of Mexican immigrants, is a true example of the American dream. The vice president of CoolSpeak travels across the country speaking to students, parents, and teachers about overcoming obstacles and never giving up on the American dream: education.

  • Oh no! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

    Carlos Ojeda Jr. has been called one of the most dynamic youth empowerment speakers in America today. He focuses his energy on empowering students to succeed by teaching them that their voice is their power. Combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for changing the lives of youth across the country, he started CoolSpeak: The Youth Engagement Company.

  • The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson

    Natasha Carrizosa is a teacher, poet, writer, author, master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, facilitator and spoken word artist. Her book, “Crown” is about being your authentic self, overcoming adversity, mindfulness, and self-care, spirituality, motherhood, teenage life, gratitude, hopes & dreams, and growing up different (roots) from bullying to self-actualization (crown).

  • The Astronaut With A Song For The Stars by Julia Finley Mosca

    Katya Echazarreta is the co-host of Netflix's YouTube series, Netflix IRL, while pursuing a Master's degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. She became the first Mexican-born woman in space as part of the Space for Humanity's Citizen Astronaut Program, launched June 4, 2022.