Welcome to Austin's Military Section




    Hello Austin Military Families and Future Panther Families,

    My name is Lindy Pape, and I am your Austin High School Military Liaison.  My role on campus is to not only ensure your students' academic success, but to help build a community within the campus that supports all military families regardless of how long or short you are with us. I am a military spouse of 16 years, and a mom of 3 so I understand the military dynamic and the stressors/ changes that come into play with the military lifestyle. My goal on campus is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your student(s) and work closely with our staff to ensure that your student is academically prepared for the future. We feel parent involvement and communication are vital to ensuring our Panthers' success, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  I look forward to an exciting new school year with you all.

    On behalf of El Paso, the community of Fort Bliss, and the Austin Panther campus, Welcome to El Paso!! We are so happy you are here.



    Lindy Pape

    Austin High School Military Family Liaison




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  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Pape at lmpape@episd.org

Austin Panthers are proud to strenghen our community collaborations as a Partner in Education.

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