• Military Liaison

    Ana Montes





    Welcome to Douglass Elementary School.  It is my pleasure to introduce myself, my name is Ana Montes, the Family, Military, and Community Liaison at Douglass Elementary School. My primary responsibility is to provide support to families, the community and to military-connected students and their parents by connecting them with available resources in both the local and military communities. I serve as the liaison between military-connected students and their families and the campus, working collaboratively to ensure that their unique needs are met.


    One of my key roles is to identify military-connected students and ensure they receive the campus-based support and services available to these students based on their high mobility and unique needs. I also assist in coordinating campus-based programs that are relevant to military-connected students.


    I am committed to working with you and your children to ensure they receive the best possible education. If you have any questions, please email me at avmontes@episd.org