What we do

  • The EPISD Police Department is the largest school police department in West Texas. Working within the 253 square miles that encompasses the District, EPISD Police personnel co-mingle with other law enforcement agencies. We provide protection for 95 schools and learning facilities, care for the safety of nearly 60,108 students and ensure that the 10,000 school employees receive a full array of police services. Due to the overwhelming size of the EPISD and the ongoing five-year plan to build several new schools and administrative offices. Ongoing training and officer development remains at the forefront in order to provide a high level of service.  

    Department personnel serve EPISD and the surrounding communities with swift, efficient and courteous police service. Although faced with many challenges, department personnel continue to foster partnerships with school administrators, students, community members, business owners, and outside law enforcement agencies and develop innovative ways of preventing crime against the District.

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  • Manuel Chavira
    Chief of Police
    Fax 915-230-0525
    1100 N. Stanton Ground Floor

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