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  • Message from the Superintendent 


    Dear Members of the El Paso ISD Community, 

    Community collaboration is essential to our pursuit of excellence, and I invite you to join the Destination District Redesign conversation. At the heart of this redesign is my core belief that education is the great equalizer.  

    Redesign is a commitment to ensure that every child in El Paso ISD receives a high-quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. It sets forth standards of excellence, challenging us to reimagine the possibilities and to continuously raise the bar for educational achievement.  

    The redesign is the deliberate evaluation and adjustment of our programs, facilities, and resources to ensure that they align with the needs of our students and communities. It is about optimizing and reallocating resources to better serve our students and educators. It is about ensuring that every dollar spent, every program offered, and every facility utilized is in service of our overarching goal: to provide every child with the opportunity to thrive and succeed. 

    As we continue towards excellence, let us remember that change is not always easy but necessary. It is through entertaining change that we consider what is possible as we foster continuous growth and high achievement.  

    Together, we will build a destination district — one that empowers and inspires all students to thrive.


    Diana Sayavedra 
    Superintendent of Schools 


    What is Destination District Redesign? 

    El Paso ISD introduces Destination District Redesign (DDR), a transformative framework with the goal of providing high-quality educational opportunities for every child. This redesign has established a set of standards to guarantee that every seat in every school is of the highest quality. The following criteria are designed to enhance the availability of high-quality seats for children and families

    Download the One-Page Overview


Meeting Schedule

  • All meetings at 5:30 pm

    Wednesday, May 1 
    Burges High School

    7800 Edgemere Blvd., 79925
    Focus Audience: Burges, MacArthur PK8, Hartley PK8, Hawkins ES, Cielo Vista ES, Hillside ES, Milam ES, CCTE 

    Monday, May 6 
    Chapin High School
    7000 Dyer St., 79904
    Focus Audience: Chapin, Canyon Hills MS, Park ES, Powell ES, Logan ES, Bliss ES, TMECHS 

    Tuesday, May 7 
    El Paso High School
    800 E. Schuster Ave., 79902
    Focus Audience: El Paso High, Wiggs MS, Mesita ECDC, Mesita ES, Lamar ES  

    Wednesday, May 8 
    Irvin High School
    5400 Sanders Ave., 79924
    Focus Audience: Irvin, Magoffin MS, Stanton ES, Sunrise Mountain ES, Moye ES, Whitaker ES, Duran ES 

    Thursday, May 9  
    Bowie High School 
    801 S San Marcial St., 79905
    Focus Audience: Bowie, Guillen MS, AOY ES, Hart ES, Douglas ES 

    Monday, May 13 
    Jefferson High School

    4700 Alameda Ave., 79905
    Focus Audience: Jefferson, Tinajero PK8, Zavala ES, Cooley ES 

    Tuesday, May 14 
    Franklin High School
    900 Resler Dr., 79912 
    Focus Audience: Franklin, Hornedo MS, Brown MS, Lundy ES, Polk ES,Tippin ES, Kolhberg ES, Guerrero ES, Herrera ES  

    Wednesday, May 15 
    Coronado High School
    100 Champions Pl., 79912
    Focus Audience: Coronado, Murphree PK8, Haskins PK8, Zach White ES, Green ES, Putnam ES, Rivera ES, Western Hills ES

    Thursday, May 16 
    Andress High School
    5400 Sun Valley Dr., 79924
    Focus Audience: Andress, Charles MS, Richardson MS, Bobby Joe HIll PK8, Newman ES, Torres ES, Barron ES, Tom Lea ES, Nixon ES 

    Monday, May 20 
    Austin High School
    3500 Memphis Ave., 79930
    Focus Audience: Austin, Navarette MS, Coldwell ES, Crockett ES, Moreno ES, Clendenin ES, Rusk ES, Travis ES, CCTA