Raider Volleyball

  • Morehead's Volleyball currently plays in Division III of EPISD's Middle School Athletic Program. Coaches Perez and Carmona train student athletes with one goal in mind - becoming an asset for the competitive 6A world that is Coronado High School. The Volleyball program is designed to train students in the skills necessary to become competitive as 7th graders and moves into a rigorous campaign of enhancing student athlete skill to create the competitive advantage over other athletes as 8th graders move on to high school. RAIDERS BECOME T-BIRDS! 

2019 Volleyball Schedule
  • Scores           7th    B     8th

    vs. Bassett           2-1            2-1

    vs. Lincoln            0-2   2-0    0-2

    vs. Slider              0-0

    vs. Hambric                           0-0

    vs. TBD                0-0             

    vs. TBD                                 0-0

    vs. TBD                0-0

    vs. TBD                                 0-0

    vs. Yng Women's*  0-0           0-0

    vs. MacArthur*      0-0           0-0

    vs. Armendariz*    0-0           0-0

    vs. Terrace Hills*   0-0           0-0

    vs. Charles*          0-0           0-0


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  • Coaches

    7th Grade:

    Aliceann Perez          

    8th Grade:

    A. César Carmona