Join Your Student for a Meal

  • We encourage you to have a breakfast or lunch with your student to see what is offered at your student’s school. Please speak with the principal at your campus to identify a good way to join your student for a meal. We offer special events such as a parent breakfast or a Thanksgiving meal but encourage parents to join us on a regular day also. Adult meals are charged ala carte but an average meal for an adult costs about $4.00 for lunch and $2.00 for breakfast.


    Breakfast at the elementary has two breakfast entrées, milk and juice and/or fruit. Breakfast at the middle and high school has four entrées available and include a breakfast burrito selection daily. Students may select up to four items. They must select at least one entrée and one other item. We do operate under the “offer vs serve” version of menu planning. This means that students are offered all the items but are allowed to only take the food they will eat. Healthy whole grain Oatmeal is offered daily for breakfast and when we offer cold cereal we offer five kinds different varieties. We offer Kix, Honey Nut Cheerios, Total Raisin Bran, and French Toast Crunch. Our Texas toast is whole wheat and offered with trans-fat free margarine. Biscuits, tortillas, cinnamon rolls and French toast are whole grain items and our homemade coffee cake and pancakes are prepared with whole wheat flour to increase fiber and nutrients.

    Breakfast Room Service

    Breakfast room service (BRS) is a program offered at many campuses throughout the district. The school currently offering BRS are Alta Vista, Beal, Burleson, Burnet, Clardy, Coldwell, Crockett, Douglas, Hart, Henderson, Johnson, Moreno, Roberts, Rusk, Schuster, Stanton and Lee. Breakfast is delivered to a student’s classroom at the first bell on the campus. Students are provided with a breakfast entrée and juice and milk. Students must select the entrée and a beverage to be considered a meal. The menu for BRS is different than our regular breakfast menu. Please view the menu for BRS in the menu section.


    Lunch at the elementary school has three entrées offered, along with a variety of fruit, a variety of vegetable choices and 1% and fat free white milk or fat free chocolate milk. Students have the option of a hot entrée, and then a rotating menu of a cold turkey ham or deli turkey and cheese sandwich, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bean burrito or a lunch-a-boat with kid friendly, easy to eat foods including fruit, whole wheat roll or crackers and turkey ham or peanut butter. An entrée salad is also offered (Chef, taco or chicken lettuce salad offered on a rotating basis). For a meal price, students must select foods that include three of the foods offered and one of the three must be a fruit or a vegetable. Students may select an extra fruit, vegetable or grain if they are extra hungry. This selection must be made the first time though the line. 

    Fresh and canned fruit is available each day at lunch. Your student could select two different fruits each day. Vegetable varieties are available daily. Every day we offer a kid friendly raw vegetable dipper, such as carrot sticks, cucumbers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and jicama. Also, encourage your student to try our offerings of cooked vegetables, mixed greens and vegetable salads such as carrot raisin and spinach with fruit. Entrée salads are available daily. Salad dressing that are available include a ranch dressing, a reduced fat Italian, and a vinaigrette dressing. We also have a dressing we make called “creamy dip”, that is low fat and similar to ranch dressing. We often get requests for the recipe for this special in house dressing!! Weekly we offer vegetables from the dark green, legumes and red/orange categories so as to offer important nutrients that available from each of these different vegetable sources. Encourage your student to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each week!

    Lunch at the middle school includes an offering of up to six entrées. High schools offer up to ten entrees per day along with all of the fruit and vegetable offerings

    It isn’t nutrition unless they eat it!

    Please talk with your students about what is on the menu and what items you would like them to select. We offer a variety of foods each week and offer appropriate portion sizes for students. We feel all foods can fit into a healthydiet and occasionally we offer a treat on the menu. These treats have modified recipes to increase the nutritional content and be of an appropriate portion size. All food offered in the school cafeteria meets the new meal pattern standards state and federal guidelines. 

    Talk with your child ahead of time about healthy lunch options. Regularly ask your student what they had to eat -- praising him when he's made a balanced choice.

    What is available?

    We offer three kinds of milk. Student may select white milk in fat free milk (in a blue container) or 1% milk ( in a pink container). Students also have the option of selecting fat-free chocolate milk. Our milk distributor is a local company, Sarah Farms. They provide us flavored milk that is sweetened with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup and does not use BHT hormone.

    Consider discussing with your student the milk variety you have at home and what type you would like them to select at school. Also help your student plan what selections they need for specific menu items. An example is that Raisin Bran would be better with white milk than with chocolate milk.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about what we offer and what selections are available for your student. Our computer system allows us to identify students with specific dietary needs. Restrictions with substitutions must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.