What we do

  • Healthful food is vital for high-energy, growing kids. Food and Nutrition Services is proud to offer delicious meals that provide the essential nutrition that students need in order to be ready to learn. Our menus are constantly evolving. Our department has already incorporated the changes required by the new federal guidelines but we are looking forward to the changes and how we can better meet the needs of our students.

    The Food and Nutrition Department is one of the largest supportive departments for students and faculty in the district.

    • over 600 employees at our 84 cafeterias
    • serving an average of 41,000 student lunches
    • student breakfasts each day
    • a budget of over $33 million dollars a year

    The Food and Nutrition Services program is self - supporting. Revenue sources include

    • Federal reimbursement for all student meals served
    • Government commodities (over $2.3M)
    • Paid student meals
    • Al a carte sales
    • Adult meals

    The department operates under the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program policies and direction from the Texas Department of Agriculture. Under the terms of the agreement, the district agree to serve lunch and breakfast that meet meal requirements; provide free and reduced price meals to eligible children; provide meals to all children without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability; and accept and use USDA commodities; and operate on a nonprofit basis.

    El Paso ISD uses a traditional menu planning system for the all breakfast and lunch meals. The objective of the menu planning systems are to meet the USDA School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children nutrition goals that include meeting recommended dietary allowances and calorie goals. School breakfast is designed to meet 1/4 of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) and school lunch 1/3 of the RDA. When we plan the menu we analyze the weekly menu for enough calories, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. We also work hard to keep the total fat at or below 30% of the total calories and the saturated fat below 10%.

    We look forward to serving your student this school year. For your convenience, breakfast and lunch are offered each school day. Please contact us if you have questions about any of our services.

    Account information

    Once enrolled in El Paso ISD, every student has an account with our department. It is their student ID number. The number stays with them the entire time they are in the school district. It is used in the cafeteria, the library and for the bus. Please help your student learn their number to improve the speed of service for all children. Your student can use their account on the first day of school.

    Log on to MySchoolBucks.com or download the app for free access to real–time account information. You can also fund your student's account through this website. Please contact the Food and Nutrition Services office for meal account discrepancies at 230-2160.

    Our Focus

    As a program, your student nutritional status is our top concern. Our menus are planned by a committee of Registered Dietitians with feedback from students, teachers and students. We encourage any feedback you have about the menu. Please contact the area dietitian for your school with feedback.

    We plan menus with whole grains, fruits and vegetables offered daily. Our menus provide foods from each of the food groups at specific portion sizes to meet the nutritional needs of our students. We do not fry any foods in the school kitchen We do offer baked potato wedges or products that have been prepared at a factory to limit the fat content.

    We pay special attention to our recipes and products to make them with whole grains and to reduce the fat and sodium content. The cafeteria is involved in the many health programs offered by schools. Our cafeteria manager does nutrition education throughout the school year. Our foods are prepared meet the nutritional needs and appeal to kids and parents! 

    School Messenger

    Calls will be made to students homes for students with negative balances and low balances using school messenger. The calls may also notify you of approaching deadlines for applications for free and reduced meals.


    Nondiscrimination Statement

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    Phone: 915-230-2160
    Fax: 915-230-0160

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